SMACC(Oh, this is the end, My only friend, the end) – Surgical Airway Workshop Prelearning

In order to maximize hands-on learning time, please, please make it through at least the must-do section. We can’t wait to see you in Sydney.

Must Do

Learn the Anatomy: Watch Andy Neill’s incredible Surgical Airway Anatomy video so you know where to go

Prepare your Brain: Review CricCon2 (we’ll discuss at the session)

Learn the Method: Watch it on a Cadaver

Then learn to build and how to practice: With Cric Trainer

See it in Action: An Actual Surgical Cric

Should Do

Watch my Cric Lecture: from the last SMACC

Read: Emergency surgical cricothyroidotomy: 24 successful cases leading to a simple ‘scalpel-finger-tube’ method (PMID 22313556)

Read: cricothyrotomy article

Watch the Method Again: On a Cadaver

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